You don't have to struggle with your dog! MDRK9A trains dogs and their owners and offers lifetime support for every dog that comes through our doors. This is more than obedience. We work on your dogs state of mind to eliminate hyperactivity, anxiety, and reactivity to other dogs and people. If you have tried other training programs in the past with no results, if you have been told by other trainers or behaviorists that your dog is "beyond help", if you are tired of having to lock your dog away everytime you have guests over, give us a call today! 

Dog training, obedience, and behavior modification in Macon, Ga. Easily accessible to all of Middle Georgia.

Great for puppies and dogs with less serious issues. Our private session program is a more budget friendly option designed just for you. One-on-one instruction for basic issues like leash pulling and jumping. 


Board and train

For dogs that have already completed a 2 week (or longer) training program. This allows your dog to remain in a structured, safe environment while you are away.

Your pet is family. 

Private Sessions

There are few things more exciting than bringing home a brand new dog! Whether you rescued an older dog from a shelter, purchased a puppy from a breeder, or found a dog wandering along the side of the road, your mind is always filled with the potential your dog holds. But what happens when that adorable pooch decides that your brand new sofa looks more like a chew toy? Or you discover that your new dog actually possesses the strength of The Hulk that only emerges when you leash him up for a walk? Here at My Dog Rules, we want your dog to be included in as many of your daily activities as possible without being considered a constant source of stress and anxiety! We want your dog (and you!) to be calm, confident, and happy.  

This program allows your dog to live in our home for a set amount of time. He will be exposed to constant real life situations and taught to behave like a well mannered member of the family.


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My Dog Rules for a calm, confident, happy dog!

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