​Boarding is offered for dogs that have previously completed a training program with us. This is a great way to provide structure while you are away. Instead of being in an overcrowded kennel, your dog will be kept in our home and will receive one-on-one attention as well as a chance to brush up on previously learned skills.   

They will receive 2 structured walks a day (weather permitting), along with potty breaks, and social time with other balanced dogs in our chaos-free environment.

Drop off times: 9:00-10:30am, or 5:30-7

Pick up time should be before 10am. 

My Dog Rules K9 Academy LLC

​​​We want you to succeed! Having a balanced, well-trained dog is a lifelong commitment and we will be here for you each step of the way. All of our Board and Train graduates will have lifetime access to training advice as well as access to our exclusive boarding and doggy daycare services. 



Learn the Basics At Home -

$300, 4 sessions* 

*Currently Unavailable due to Covid19 SIP*


​$700 (1 week, basic)

$1075 (2 week, basic + e-collar) -

$1750 (4 week, advance/behavior mod)

We believe that everyone deserves to have a well-behaved dog no matter their income. 

Discounts are available for those with limited/fixed income, 501c3 licensed rescues, military, and seniors (65+)

Contact us for more information. 

We work with you and your dog in a one-on-one setting. This program is great for owners that want to be more involved in their dogs training. You are able to learn alongside your dog and watch them process the new information that is being presented. We teach them the basics (structured walk w/ auto sit, sit - stay, down - stay, recall, place) and also troubleshoot any issues that you are dealing with such as anxiety, mouthing, counter surfing, barking, whining, and minor leash reactivity. 

Because each dog is an individual, the classes will be structured to progress at their own pace. Some dogs may master the walk on the first day while others may take a couple sessions. Follow up at home also plays a huge role in how quickly we are able to progress.

*Herm Sprenger prong collar will be provided at the first session at no additional cost.    

**Additional sessions (including initial consultation for board and train program) can be added, as needed, for $80/hr. 

Our 2 week board and train program is designed to help correct minor behavioral issues, such as leash reactivity, counter surfing, destructive chewing, and whining. Along with that, your dog will be taught:

  • intro to prong collar
  • intro to e-collar
  • respect of ​thresholds
  • heel
  • sit (stay)
  • down (stay)
  • place
  • recall

These behaviors are then "proofed" with the distractions of real life activities such as rambunctious children playing, cleaning the house, and other dogs running freely past them. They will also join us on regular outings to stores, parks, and hiking trails.

Our 4 week board and train program is for more serious issues, such as separation or general anxiety, extreme fearfulness, or human/dog aggression. This extended program is also recommended for dog owners that are seeking advanced, off-leash obedience. It includes all of the commands from the 2 week program, with more emphasis on off-leash reliability or behavior modification.

During our board and train program you cannot visit your dog, but I will be more than happy to provide pictures and videos as requested and will be updating you regularly as your dog progresses.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold a start date for you in this program; balance is due on the day your dog arrives for training.

Included in 2 week (or longer) programs:

- Mini Educator ET-300 E-Collar ($199)

- Herm Sprenger prong collar ($20)

- 4Legs4Dog cot ($50+) 

- Exclusive maintenance guidelines 

- FREE lifetime follow up training advice

- Access to our exclusive home-based boarding

- Access to our exclusive doggy daycare

- Discounted group class rates