Your hard work with her has improved her greatly

"Molly is doing great. Went to dinner and put her in crate. She was quiet and never made a sound." (Previously suffering from major separation anxiety)

Jennifer, Molly's owner

Thank You so much

"Rocco and I went to Tractor Supply today. He was absolutely perfect. He stayed right beside me and would place while I looked at things or put dog food in the basket. He received several compliments. It was awesome." "Yesterday, my 11 year old daughter walked Daisy for a mile. She never pulled and only whined a few times." "They are so much more enjoyable now that they behave."

Sherry, owner of Rocco and Daisy

Our mission

A few years ago, I found myself overwhelmed. I was working with several rescues around middle Georgia, doing all I could to house dogs from kill-shelters in an attempt to save their lives. I felt that I was doing a good thing, but quickly realized that so many of these dogs came with a lot of issues - major leash pulling, resource guarding, even full-on aggression towards dogs and people. I felt lost. I knew that I wanted to save animals, but I felt as if there had to be a better way. The key was not to keep taking in dogs that couldn't be managed, but to train the ones we saved to give the dogs their best chance of finding a true "Forever Home". The sad truth is that the vast majority of dogs that are surrendered to shelters are there due to behavioral issues that their owners just don't know how to correct. Your decision to have a well-trained dog shows you have made a commitment to your dogs emotional well-being and the safety/sanity of everyone your dog interacts with in the future.




My Dog Rules K9 Academy LLC


"From puppies to adults, Amanda has played a vital role in the rescue community. She has been a huge asset to Habitat 4 Hounds, and our ability to keep dogs in their homes.Offering training to our adopters has greatly reduced the impulse to return the dog with the first sign of an issue. We cant say enough good things about Amanda and My Dog Rules K9 Academy!" 
Erika, Director of Habitat 4 Hounds

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