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My Dog Rules K9 Academy LLC



Here are a few images of some of our MDRK9A graduates. As you can see, we like to practice our commands in all sorts of environments and through intense distractions. The reason for this is so you are able to bring your dog on any type of adventure with full confidence that they will still look to you for guidance. Whether you just want to clean your house without your dog trailing behind you or take your children to the park without worrying that your dog will run off or bark at every dog/person/squirrel they see, we would love to help you reach your training goals. I often use my daughters to help me with distraction work as well as having them handle the dogs and give them commands. By including other people, especially children, it teaches your dog to have respect for not only their owner but for anyone else they come into contact with. Small dogs and big dogs can both benefit from balanced training. Contact us today so we can get you and your dog started on the path to success.