My Dog Rules K9 Academy LLC

Our goal in training is to help your dog become calm, happy, and confident through balanced training methods. The program is designed to work on state of mind as opposed to trick training. I will be laying the foundation for a "good dog" but it will be up to you to continue using the techniques I will teach you in order to achieve amazing results.

The tools I use are designed to safely communicate with your dog; the Herm Sprenger prong collar or slip collar and the Mini Educator ET-300 E-Collar. The prong collar may look like a torture device, but it is actually one of the quickest, safest ways to communicate with your dog. The Herm Sprenger brand is designed with blunted tips to provide equally spaced pressure points along your dogs neck, unlike the cheaper brands that may have pointed tips (ouch!!). This does not hurt your dog and will not damage your relationship. It will create pressure that he can "turn off" by looking to his owner for guidance, thus strengthening your relationship and building trust.  

The e-collar is one of my favorite tools for a variety of reasons, but the most useful benefit is that it gives you more control of your dog in an off-leash setting. This collar is not like the traditional shock collars that your brother/sister/cousin would trick you into touching when you were a kid. This collar actually uses the same technology as a TENS unit, so instead of a shock it provides a pulsation. I love the reaction I get when clients test out this collar on their own body prior to using it on their dog. Most people cannot even feel the level that their dogs are working on! Another added bonus is that the stimulation levels range from 1-100, giving us the option to use as little pressure as possible to get your dog to respond.

With our help and guidance, you will be on your way to an unbreakable bond between you and your canine companion.